Policies of Third Haven Friends Meeting concerning Use of Facilities:

The beautiful facilities and grounds of this historic Quaker Meeting provide a quiet, reflective space that is primarily used to accommodate the needs of Meeting-sponsored activities. However, the facilities are also available for outside events that are sponsored by Members as well as any outside not-for- profit groups at the below-mentioned donation schedule.

Fees for Events Not Organized by Third Haven Friends Meeting (effective 4/16):

All requests to use the Third Haven Friends Meeting facilities are to be sent to the Facilities Committee by calling 410-822-0293 or e-mailing lkitenko@yahoo.com.

Please see below for more information about facilities use requirements at Third Haven Friends Meeting.


Third Haven Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and the Trustees of Third Haven Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends, Inc. are dedicated to protecting and preserving in perpetuity the buildings and grounds at Third Haven. Since 1682 the property has served as an historic and sacred place of worship. In addition, the facilities are used for the business of the Monthly Meeting and for its committees, weddings, memorial services and burials, special events as well as for some activities for where there is a need in the greater community. To accommodate all of these uses, the policies and guidelines are set forth below.

Policies for Usage:

The primary purpose of the Common Room is to accommodate the needs of the Meeting. Therefore all Meeting activities shall have scheduling priority over any other group when a conflict arises.

All events and uses must be recorded on the official facilities use calendar posted in the Common Room. The sponsor will be identified with the group or individual name the time and necessary contact information including a telephone number or email address.

Both Meetinghouses and the Common Room are available for use by Meeting members and Committees for Meeting-sponsored activities without fee.

The Common Room facility may be made available for meetings by attenders and outside not-for-profit groups. Application must be made to the Facilities Use Committee in writing or by email specifying the purpose, nature of use, date and time. The purposes of the group and the proposed use must be compatible with Third Haven principles and practices.

The Committee may approve or disapprove such use or refer the request to the Meeting for Business. The Meeting reserves the right to terminate any on-going agreements with outside groups. In all uses approved for non-members and outside groups, the Facilities Use Committee will insure that there are adequate safeguards and oversight in place. If such groups meet on a regular basis and if a Meeting member must be absent, a person deemed responsible will be designated by name and must be present during the entire time. Such groups may not charge an admission fee or seek to make a profit. These groups will be charged no fee, but contributions to the Meeting are welcome to help defray costs. If the kitchen is used, the kitchen area must be left clean, in good order, with all items used restored to their proper locations.

The following are not permitted anywhere on Third Haven Meeting property:

The Facilities Use Committee may approve the restricted use of a candle in the Common Room only.

Parking should first take place on graveled areas. There are three handicapped spaces in front of the Common Room. Parking may be allowed on grassy areas when attendance exceeds the graveled areas if the ground is firm and dry. For all large events such as weddings, memorial services, carriage shed sale and like events, the event sponsors shall provide direction and supervision for parking.

Marriages and Spiritual Unions:

Third Haven Friends Meeting reaffirms its belief in and support of, the spiritual bond and commitment established by a loving couple in the presence of God, family, friends, and the Meeting. Consistent with our testimonies, Third Haven Friends Meeting gives the same consideration to all written requests for a spiritual union under the care of the Meeting. These requests, to be under our care, may come only from meeting members and those closely related to them or from Attenders who have become part of our faith community.

Application for a wedding or spiritual union under the care of the Meeting should be addressed to the Clerk of Meeting who forwards it to Overseers Committee to conduct the clearness process. Both Meetinghouses and the Common Room are available without fee.

Application for a wedding or spiritual union not under the care of Meeting should be addressed to the Overseers Committee and the Facilities Use Committee. A member will be appointed to be a Friendly Presence to review the couple's plans and to ensure that the service is conducted in an appropriate manner. Both Meetinghouses and the Common Room are available.

FEE: Member $0 / non-member $500

Memorial Services and Burials:

FORMS: Memorial Meeting for Worship Plan

Application for memorial service or burial under the care of Meeting should be addressed to the Clerk of Meeting, who will forward it to the Burial Committee (Clerk of Meeting, clerks of Overseers and Property and Grounds). Both Meetinghouses and the Common Room are available without fee.

Non-members with current or historic connections: Each request will be given individual consideration. Location, style and size of all gravestones and wall plaques are to be approved by the Burial Committee. The Meeting will appoint a member to ensure that the service is conducted in an appropriate manner. Both Meetinghouses and the Common Room are available.

FEE: Member $0 / non-member $300

The cost of wall plaques or gravestones will be the responsibility of the family.

Declaration of Intentions:

Friends are reminded that it is our responsibility to make clear our intentions for memorial services and other necessities with which our families and friends must cope upon our death. Below is a copy of the Declaration of Intentions which can be a great help to those who will miss us when we are gone. Please ease their burden by filling out the form if you have not yet done so and returning it to Overseers. It will be placed in a confidential file until it is needed: Declaration of Intentions form.

Because of limited space for burials, the Meeting encourages consideration of cremation.

Third Haven Friends Monthly Meeting is a member of Southern Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Meetings for Worship: Sundays 10:00AM, Wednesdays 5:30PM; (Childcare available on Sundays.)

Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business: 2nd Sunday of the Month following Meeting for Worship (except for the months of July and August)

Contact: 405 S. Washington St., Easton, MD 21601; (410) 822-0293; 3rdhaven@gmail.com; Find Us on Facebook; Clerk Molly Burgoyne Brian

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